A connected digital platform

One platform for all type of clients

Harmoney can help you to give a great digital experience to all your employees, partners and clients.

For banks, financial intermediaries and insurance brokers

All professionals who need to comply with the Mifid II regulation can benefit from the Harmoney platform. It is fully scalable. The platform can be customised and seamlessly integrated into your system as a white label. Your expertise will be incorporated and your suitability questionnaire and market risk assumptions included. Or you can use it as a ‘ready-made’ out-of-the-box solution and stand-alone platform. As soon as your client wants to invest, we help you with all the legal paper work, ongoing monitoring, reporting and set your clients’ investment goals

How do we handle data and security?

Our highest priority is keeping your financial data safe and secure. We use multiple layers of security in every component of our systems to keep your information safe and private.
We use the strongest encryption algorithms available today and have strict internal access controls – nobody at Harmoney has access to your credentials. Our servers are in Europe in a location that is guarded 24/7. Recognised actors in the industry secure the access to our servers. Security specialists often audit us.

Benefit from continuous upgrades

As the platform improves in terms of functionalities, you benefit as well. You are entitled to all upgrades, thanks to the rapidly changing financial technology and environment. You can be sure of a reliable, secure and 100% compliant platform.