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Patricia Boydens joins the Harmoney team

Harmoney strengthens team to provide better support to financial players with solutions for stricter regulations and digital transformation


Patricia Boydens, previously at MeDirect and, has joined Harmoney as our CCO and will develop the platform that allows us to identify and follow up investment clients better.

Stricter regulations relating to identifying clients and their specific financial needs means banks, financial consultants and insurance brokers have to spend considerably more time on following up and reporting on their duty of care. It guarantees clients receive a suitable investment. Often, this results in a huge amount of paperwork and less time for clients. Harmoney offers a solution to efficiently comply with the regulations to free up more time to manage the client relationship itself. This is necessary because the earnings model of investment advice and wealth management is under serious pressure.

Thomas Van Maele, CEO of Harmoney: “After the last investment round we developed our platform even further and provided additional functionalities which means our clients now have one system to meet all their obligations relating to the complete identity check (including KYC, PEP and AML). We are ready to introduce our solution to Belgium and other European countries and Patricia, with her many years of experience in digital transformation and financial services is the ideal person to contribute to this.”

Patricia Boydens, CCO of Harmoney: “Harmoney has given me a challenge where I can apply all my expertise: not only in perfecting the platform itself, but also advising banks and financial consultants on the implementation of the Harmoney platform. The main challenge is to give their customers an optimum online experience, but also to adapt all internal processes and procedures to this. I feel I am the right person to do this, at the right place, at the right time and I can’t wait to get started.”