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How to set the financial goals together with your client.

Today, there is a whole lot more information about the financial situation than there used to be. Every time somebody applies for an account, the banking app is used, an investment has been settled, the portfolios and account statuses are downloaded, or mortgages are repaid, we create data. We have never had so much financial information as today! But the ability to access this data is no guarantee to great financial insights. Very few people have the insights to actually do something with it and set clever financial goals.

Get a true holistic view on wealth

In order to control the financial situation and be able to set financial goals for retirement, you need to start with the current reality. Only once you have this analysis, you can set framework for the financial future. Because if you don’t know where your client stands today, how will you figure out where he or she wants to be tomorrow, or even at retirement date?
And that is exactly what Harmoney can do for you! You can create a clear and up-to-date dashboard of the financial situation and keep track of the net wealth. Our platform has the aggregation facility to manage all the liabilities and assets, so you can create the personal balance sheet. Once you have this framework, the insights will empower your advice and will create actionable insights, tailor-made for your client.