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How to build your knowledge foundation

Creating a great client experience requires more than filling out documents. You can connect with your client and be empowered by digital tools. By bringing physical and digital channels together, time and efficiency can be optimised. Data capturing for compliancy reasons is a very good example. If you can encourage your client to access, update or complete his data, by providing a self-service digital access, he will be benefited by the speed (no need to go to the branch to deliver or sign documents), by the comfort (no need to limit you to office hours), by efficiency (no need to provide unnecessary or duplicated data) and trust (to have control of data accessibility).
Clients have increasingly higher expectations, especially regarding the online experience their firm is providing.

Instantly rewarded

A relationship manager expects technology to impress the client and to help him make the best use of his and his client’s valuable time, minimising the operational and expediting the compliance work. A very good example is the instant reward the client has by visualising immediately his or her input on screen. This ‘eye candy’ lets the relationship manager connect more smoothly with the client and helps collecting data. Some like to call this ‘gamification’, but surely a smart digital tool will leverage your personal conversation with your client.
By giving access to both stakeholders to the same knowledge foundation, the true phygital experience is created: blending the best of both worlds.