Financial passport

Your key to financial happiness

A good overview generates better insights. And better decisions for your money. Based on your personal financial situation at all your financial partners. Simply log in to your e- banking to aggregate your full financial situation. We help you to achieve your goals.

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Better decisions

Create a clear, up-to-date dashboard of your financial situation. Track your net wealth. Determine your personal goals. And only engage in investments that fit you. The high-performance financial planner creates actionable insights. And better decisions for your money.

More convenience

One single platform to manage your investment profile. For all your accounts. And all your trusted financial service providers. No more hassle with countless questionnaires. Save time with your financial passport. Spend more quality time with your money. And with your adviser. Get the most suitable financial service.

Full control

Harmoney acts as a trusted, independent platform. You only exchange the information you want. With the trusted parties you choose. It’s your data. We put you in control. That’s why we apply the highest security and privacy standards. And, no financial transactions whatsoever are enabled through the platform.