A connected digital platform

Get to know your money better.

A good overview generates better insights. And better decisions for your money. Based on your personal financial situation. Enabling also your advisors to deliver the most suitable financial service. Helping you to really achieve your goals.

Better Decisions

Create a clear, always up-to-date dashboard of your financial situation. Track your net wealth. Determine your personal goals. And only engage in investments that are fit for you. A better overview creates actionable insights. And better decisions for your money.

More Convenience

One single platform to manage your investment profile. For all your accounts. And all your trusted financial service providers. Stop hassling with all these questionnaires. Save time in administration. Spend more quality time with your money. And with your advisor. So you can get the most suitable financial service.

Full Control

Harmoney acts as a trusted, independent platform. You only exchange the information you want. With the trusted parties you choose. It’s your data. We put you in control. That’s why we apply the highest security and privacy standards. And: no financial transactions, whatsoever, are enabled through the platform.


Our mission

We strongly believe that money deserves the right attention. That the best decisions are built on a personalized, holistic approach. To make sure that money can generate its most important return: peace of mind. We want to empower people to achieve that. And offer their trusted advisors the best digital tools to deliver that.

News & Blog

Legal Clinic on the implementation of MiFID II and IDD

Harmoney was invited to talk at a legal clinic organised by Prof. Dr. Veerle Colaert of the KUL.

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“Financial planning for everybody” (De Tijd/L’Echo)

Harmoney was invited to a round table for the BN K /BN Q ‘Perspectives on Banking’ special edition.

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